Devyn & Celeste Lopez


"I rode with Tim Keeling from when I was six years old all the way to when I turned eighteen. I literally grew up while riding under his instruction and have learned everything I know about horses and riding from him. Tim is an extremely talented trainer and knows how to treat his horses right. He taught me how to be patient, firm, and most importantly kind with your beloved horse. A sense of responsibility, trust, and respect must be mutually understood between horse and rider, and Tim is fantastic at exemplifying that and teaching this valuable lesson to his riders. He trains all of the horses in his barn very well and teaches his riders how to bring their horse's best traits out during a show. He taught me everything I know about dressage and was able to train me all the way up to Level 3. If you want to better yourself as a rider and as a person, I highly recommend riding under Tim Keeling."- Devyn Lopez

"If you are looking for a trainer to teach you or your child great horsemanship and to bring out the best in your horse safely, Tim Keeling is your guy!
I had my daughter in training with Tim since she was 6, all the way up until she went off to college. Tim had my daughter competing in rail classes when she was little and as she progressed she began competing in dressage through her high school years. When it was time to get her own horse for her competitions, Tim found the safest and most sound horse out there. Tim was able to work with my daughter and her horse to be their best in practice and competitions."- Celeste Lopez


Notorio Novio and Vicky Frontiere

"Horse shopping can be a long and upsetting experience to say the least! After traveling from State to State, my trainer and I went to see a horse at Tim Keeling's barn. Just the horse's name, Notorio Novio (notorious boyfriend) had my interest! Tim was so kind and honest about this horse and basically gave me a lesson as I tried him out! Passed the PPE with flying colors which by the way, not ONE other horse I looked at passed. In a world where horses are for sale that actually have physical or attitude issues, it was a breath of fresh air to buy Novio through Tim. If I ever need another horse, he will be my first call!!"- Vicky Frontiere